Low-Budget Self Publishing Resources

Ford Madox Ford’s self-produced publication, the transatlantic review

I published my novel and short story collection on a budget of nothing. I had no capital to invest in covers, interior formatting, or cover copy, but I did it anyway. I am not an authority on the publishing process or industry by any means, but this post includes the resources I used to put my books out. The links go to genuine authorities on publishing with years of experience as professional writers.

I should be clear that when I say low budget, I do not mean low quality. Doing everything yourself will cost time. It took me many iterations and hours of work to do Phoenix Operator‘s cover, as well as getting the typesetting for the print edition right.

General Publishing Industry & Writing advice:

Image and Font Resources:

I should note some issues I went through in the process.

I found the CreateSpace templates to be a hassle to work with. Paragraphs wouldn’t break between pages, leaving huge gaps in the manuscript. I ended up formatting my Kindle manuscript (thankfully it’s quite simple to format a Word document to work as an ebook) per the template’s settings instead and saved it as a different file. It was very time consuming to do it this way, but I could not afford to pay someone to do it.

The royalties on many Shutterstock images are exorbitant. Since my book is a historical novel, I was able to use an image from the US National Archives. Any work prepared by a US government employee under their official duties is considered public domain. I should note this can get tricky with National Archives material. From what I infer, some of the Vietnam era photos I searched through were taken by journalists and then their photos were later donated to the Archives; however, the copyrights still technically belong to the photographer’s estate or their publication. If anyone knows more about this subject, feel free to correct me.

I will close out with a recommendation to get a friend or family member to proof read for you. There were grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in my drafts in places I would have skipped over from reading my book over too many times.


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