Phoenix Operator one year on

Today is my belated post on one-year anniversary of the publication of my first novel, Phoenix Operator. Since publishing it, I have learned a wealth of experience as information on the business of publishing and self-publishing. All of my sources are listed on the side bar. I especially reccomend Kristen Kathryn Rusch’s series of blog posts The Business Rusch for a general overview. I have gone over the technical aspects in previous articles. This piece is more a reflection on the year since my book release.

If you think you may want to try self publishing, I encourage it. The corporate structure (what I refer to as the culture industry) around it is bloated and stale. However, it is frustrating to promote and attract readers. It takes years of practice at writing and patience with the reading public to do that. I am often disheartened at my extremely limited commercial success, but I have to remind myself my book is a year old and my online “platform” only a few months older. Balancing my academic and now work obligations has made time for writing and networking with other like minded literary sites difficult, but not impossible. I am determined to keep plugging away. 

Writing itself is only as difficult as you make it, but finding an audience is. The US literary scene is in dire need of rejuvenation after forty plus years of postmodernism rendering it inaccessible to many readers, along with the glut of hackneyed genre fiction–science fiction and fantasy most of all. My intent writing is to be the change I want to see by telling the best story I can that is entertaining and tries to reflect on human realities. God willing, the next year will give me more stories and more readers. 




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