Feature and New Story on New Pop Lit

New Pop Lit ran a short feature on me as part of their series on their contributors, and published a new short story of mine:


We wanted to open this segment of our series by planting a flag to say, “Yes, alternative viewpoints to one-size-fits-all literature ARE out there and need to be valued.” We reject any notion of a monothink hive or herd putting Orwellian pressure on writers to join an unthinking mob.

The writing of Samuel Stevens is unique– short stories or novels– because he gives the reader an unfamiliar viewpoint. One never seen in today’s approved literary scene. His male characters once were the norm– in the 1950’s, before a culural sea change. Think Charlton Heston in films like “The Naked Jungle.” This upstanding, moralistic type still exists. Plenty are out there. Mainstream culture has decided they don’t exist, and so excludes them from all scenarios except as a target for mockery. [continue reading here]

In Stevens’s new story for us, “Greener Country Grass,” the narrator journeys into the American heartland with a cynical D.C. buddy. The story could be an analogy for east coast intellectuals currently scrambling to understand the attitudes of the heartland.


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