New story on Fluland 


Fluland published a new story from me, “Night Customers.” Please read it and check out the other great work on the site.

The night shift at the sub shop had a certain peace to it. During the day the signs the night clerk saw out the front windows were tacky, reminders of how ugly the strip mall was. You could see how dirty it was in the day time too. At night he couldn’t see the grime, just the glow of the signs and night sky.

“Pretty to Think So”

This is an article by Sinmeyer posted on Twitter user @Weimerica ‘s blog As Above, So Below comparing the Millenial Generation (my own) to the Lost Generation. Very interesting reading, as is the rest of the blog.

In his 2010 book Ill Fares the Land, the late historian Tony Judt laments the fate of the “millennial” generation, burdened with debt, war, and vanishing opportunities beyond short-term desultory labor. Here, Judt makes a striking comparison- or striking enough that I jotted it down:

The last time a cohort of young people expressed comparable frustration at the emptiness of their lives and the dispiriting purposelessness of their world was in the 1920s. It is not by chance that historians speak of a “lost generation.”

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