Short Stories

IN THE BIG CITYIn the Big City

A short story collection, with tales taking place from the Spanish Civil War to the present day. Available exclusively on Kindle for 2.99.

Meeting With the Tribe: An American volunteers for the Spanish Civil War, albeit on the Nationalist side.

The Humanitarian: A naive young woman doing aid work in East Africa meets a cocky American expat.

Sketchbook: Special Activities Division: The first sketch that became the novel Phoenix Operator

Beach Signals: A French Foreign Legion veteran returns to the United States to find his best friend changed for the worse.

In the Big City: Successful novelist Nick Wolfe finds himself against the zeitgeist of the 1960s, and in hot water with a girlfriend he can’t get rid of and a potentially career-ending interview with The New Yorker.

Showing and Telling: Nick Wolfe contends with teaching writing and the politics of academia.

Buy it for Kindle on Amazon.

Agents of Subversion

THE ILLEGALIt’s 1968 in the US, and the counter-culture has spread to every college campus in the nation.

KGB deep-cover agent Alexei Golz arrives in America, serving his country in the struggle against the West.

Only peace and free love activists may not be allies he thought they were.

E-book only .99c on Amazon Kindle




Short story published at New Pop Lit  July 15, 2016 with an introduction by NPL Karl Wenclas:

Our month-long Hemingway celebration continues with a striking new story by Samuel Stevens, “Diminutives,” whose setting of Paris is a nod to Ernest Hemingway and the Lost Generation. But so is its style. Few writers understand what Ernest Hemingway was fully up to when he revolutionized writing. Stevens is one of them.

Note how Stevens’ story is like a Modernist painting– a collage of parts expressing the fragmentation of our time. As if helplessly riding a bus about to crash, we’re replaying– reliving– that broken insane world Hemingway experienced. Around us is a sense of foreboding. Imminence. Chaos.

Stevens’ story is simple but at the same time it’s a mix of impressions and ideas. A splash of confusion, or a slap in the face. The story is there in front of us, like a painting. Right there. It’s very short, but there’s enough in it to like or dislike. Or hate.

Provocative and topical.

But what do you think?

Mental Health Day (sketch)- Published by The Casper Review

A Difficult Operation Published by The Casper Review

Greener Country Grass –  Published by New Pop Lit

Night Customers – published by The Casper Review







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